About Dr. Ionescu

About Dr. ionescu

Dr. Carla Ionescu is a renowned scholar, ancient historian, and leading expert on Artemis. Her groundbreaking research at The Artemis Research Centre and insightful episodes of The Goddess Project podcast are revolutionizing our understanding of the ancient world.

Dr. Ionescu’s passion for ancient civilizations ignited at a young age and evolved into a lifelong quest to uncover history’s secrets. With a Ph.D. in Ancient History from York University, she has traveled globally to archaeological sites, exploring the remnants of ancient cultures.

The Artemis Research Centre, envisioned and led by Dr. Ionescu, is a premier hub for studying Artemis, the revered ‘wild’ goddess of antiquity. The center’s dedicated team explores the mythology, symbolism, and cultural significance of Artemis, illuminating her worship and influence across various ancient societies.

As an authority on Artemis, Dr. Ionescu has published numerous papers and authored the acclaimed book “She Who Hunts – Artemis, The Goddess Who Changed the World.” Her scholarship has advanced our understanding of ancient rituals and reignited interest in the goddess’s historical impact.

The Goddess Project podcast, another of Dr. Ionescu’s innovations, delves into the relevance of ancient goddesses in modern times. The podcast offers fresh perspectives on these deities, highlighting their significance in contemporary culture and spirituality.

A trailblazer in her field, Dr. Ionescu embarks on solo expeditions to uncover and share the locations of ancient goddess temples. Her ability to connect past and present has earned her invitations to prestigious academic conferences and international symposiums, where she shares her insights with scholars and enthusiasts.

In her free time, Dr. Ionescu finds inspiration in nature, advocating for environmental preservation. She draws parallels between ancient reverence for nature and our current responsibility to protect the planet.

Explore Dr. Ionescu’s latest research, enjoy episodes of The Goddess Project podcast, and delve into the fascinating world of Artemis through the expertise of an esteemed scholar. Join Dr. Carla Ionescu as she unravels the mysteries of antiquity, revealing timeless wisdom and empowering narratives that resonate across the ages.

Dr. Carla Ionescu at the Artemis Temple of Brauron