About Dr. Ionescu

Dr. Carla Ionescu is a distinguished scholar, ancient historian, and Artemis expert, whose profound insights have shed light on the mysteries of antiquity. Her pioneering work with The Artemis Research Centre and The Goddess Project podcast is transforming the way we understand the ancient world.

Dr. Ionescu’s passion for ancient civilizations began at a young age and evolved into a lifelong pursuit of uncovering the secrets buried beneath the sands of time. After earning a Ph.D. in Ancient History from York University, she set forth on an incredible journey, traveling to archaeological sites around the globe to explore the remnants of ancient cultures.

The Artemis Research Centre, a visionary project spearheaded by Dr. Ionescu, stands as a hub for the study of Artemis, the revered ‘wild’  goddess of the ancient world. With a team of dedicated experts, the center delves deep into the mythology, symbolism, and cultural significance of Artemis, piecing together the puzzle of her worship and influence in various ancient societies.

As a leading Artemis expert, Dr. Carla Ionescu has published several papers and authored a recent book titled “She Who Hunts – Artemis, The Goddess Who Changed the World”, becoming a respected authority on the subject. Her work has not only advanced our understanding of ancient beliefs and rituals but has also rekindled interest in the goddess’s role in shaping historical events.

The Goddess Project podcast, another brainchild of Dr. Ionescu, serves as a captivating exploration of ancient goddesses and their relevance to modern times. Through this podcast, she introduces listeners to the multifaceted aspects of these ancient deities, offering fresh perspectives on their significance in contemporary culture and spirituality.

As a trailblazer in her field, Dr. Ionescu actively engages in solo travel expeditions in her attempt to find and share all the temples of the ancient goddess.  Her ability to connect the past with the present has garnered her invitations to prestigious academic conferences and international symposiums, where she shares her insights with fellow scholars and enthusiasts alike.

In her leisure time, Dr. Ionescu enjoys exploring the outdoors, finding inspiration in nature’s beauty and serenity. She is an avid advocate for environmental preservation, drawing parallels between ancient societies’ reverence for nature and our responsibility towards the planet today.

Explore Carla’s latest research, immerse yourself in episodes of The Goddess Project podcast, and delve into the mesmerizing world of Artemis through the lenses of an esteemed expert. Join Dr. Ionescu as she unravels the mysteries of antiquity, revealing timeless wisdom and empowering narratives that continue to resonate with humanity across the ages.

Dr. Carla Ionescu at the Artemis Temple of Brauron