The Artemis Research Centre

About Us

The Artemis Centre is a platform where informal and non-academic conversations meet scholarly work and ongoing research developments. Seamlessly blending academic rigor with accessible resources, our platform caters to enthusiasts of ancient goddess worship, offering a diverse array of offerings that include workshops, online courses, and Dr. Carla Ionescu’s groundbreaking Mapping of Artemis Temples project. 

Members of the Artemis Centre community gain access to an extensive repository of research materials, recent conference presentations, captivating photo galleries, and enriching lectures delivered online. Embracing the ethos of inclusivity, our platform also extends invitations to participate in collaborative projects such as podcasts, explorations of myth in film, media, and art.

Serving as a beacon for research, community engagement, and symposiums on women’s history and religion, the Artemis Centre is set to redefine the landscape of experiential education.

Looking ahead, our vision extends beyond the digital realm, with plans to evolve into a physical sanctuary—a welcoming space where individuals from all backgrounds can delve into the deep-rooted connections between ritual, myth, culture, and the timeless influence of the ancient world on our modern human experiences. Members will have the opportunity to sign up for courses or private mentorship, further enriching their journey of exploration and discovery.

Artemis Temple Site