The Artemis Research Centre

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The Artemis Research Centre

The Artemis Centre is a platform where informal and non-academic conversations meet scholarly work and ongoing research developments. The Centre allows members who are interested in ancient goddess worship to browse research files, recent conference presentations, photo galleries, lectures presented online, and other information hosted by historical organizations, all in one place. New and on-trend collaborative projects such a podcasts, myth in film, media, and art, will also be available to members who will be invited to join workshops, short courses and interactive lectures that allow everyone, from all walks of life, to engage in learning without boundaries.

While there are many centers for learning that focus on goddess culture, or religious studies, none offer a collective approach to academic and experiential work. In our new and virtual world, it is important to have a space where academic and non-academic interests collaborate in a productive and progressive way.

This project is a work in progress, beginning this summer as a virtual platform for research, community development, symposiums on women’s history and religion, as well as offering courses and other forms of experiential learning. Looking forward, the center will grow into a real-world structure, where we will hold a safe, and open space, for all who are interested in ritual, myth and culture, as well as the intrinsic connection between the ancient world and our modern human experiences.